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What is SCR?

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) refers to the process of transforming harmful substances in gas into harmless clean gases using a reducing agent.
Caltech's SCR Catalyst reduces nitrogen oxides(NOx) into nitrogen(N2) and water(H20), using ammonia(NH3) as a reducing agent.
The SCR catalyst operates within a reactor. Caltech offers a comprehensive solition that encompasses both software and hardware for the SCR catalyst system to our clients.

SCR Technology

Product Spectrum
Caltech's catalyst operates within a broad temperature range from 160℃ to 420℃. We manufacture products ranging from 18 cells to 60 cells, ensuring high cell density.
Our catalyst is effectively utilized in a wide array of industries, such as shipping, power plants, incinerators, engines, metal production, glass manufacturing, and recycling. It proficiently purifies exhaust gases originating from diverse fuels, from coal to HRSG and biomass.
Dispersion Control
Optimizing the dispersion of the active material (V2O5) within the catalyst support (TiO2) to maximize catalyst activity and lifespan.
Pore Control
Controlling the size and distribution of pores on the catalyst surface to maximize denitrification efficiency and enhance sulfur resistance.