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With our unique green technology, Caltech commits to shaping the future of global industries and safeguarding the environment.

Recently, the concern over fine dust (PM2.5) has dramatically risen, leading to global efforts to address air pollution through the enforcement of eco-friendly policies and strengthened environmental regulations. Nitrogen oxides, the primary precursors and culprits behind the production of fine dust and environmental contamination, are effectively tackled by CALTECH's SCR catalyst technology. Our solutions efficiently remove nitrogen oxides across a spectrum of industries, providing an optimal solution for our clients.

We commit to ensuring our customers can confidently address environmental challenges through our products, allowing them to center their efforts on sustained growth and innovation. We aim to foster a synergistic partnership with our customers, progressing collectively towards a brighter future.

No matter where in the world, we pledge to be the CALTECH that brings forth a cleaner, greener environment.

Core Value

  • Vision
    We deliver green to anyone,
    anywhere, anyhow
  • Mission
    We won't let people worry
    about the environment
  • Responsibility
  • Change
  • Integrity
  • Reverence


  1. 2020’s
    Found CALTECH Co., Lt
  2. 2010’s
    Get certifitication of NET(New Technology Certification) (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    Certified NTC(New Technology Center)
    Found NTC(New Technology Center)
    Found ESKO
  3. 2000’s
    Participated in the operation of the first commercial SCR line in Korea.
    Designated as an export promising SME(Korean SME Administration
  4. 1990’s~
    Participated in the first SCR catalyst development project in Korea
    Found SJF